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IT Workers top the list for Office Romances

IT Workers top the list for Office Romances

Serviced office provider Business Environment (BE) has discovered that IT workers are most likely to have an office romance, according to a recent survey of 3,000 respondents.

The results found that 55% of IT workers have had a relationship or fling with someone they worked with, followed closely behind by marketing, advertising and PR professionals with 54%, and telecoms with 53%.

According to the survey, graduate trainees and scientists were the least likely to have an office romance. 81% of graduate trainees and 74% of scientists say that they have never had a relationship with someone at work.

But with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, those departments could be about to change their fortunes.

A recent survey by Maris Interiors of London’s workforce found that 20% of employees have received a Valentine’s Day gift at the office. The results also found that women were 12 times more likely to receive gifts than men, and the majority of respondents also knew who the sender was.

According to the survey, flowers were the most popular gift with 72%, followed by chocolates (8%), wine and beauty products (5% each), cakes (3%) and jewellery (2%).

Other less usual gifts that had been received include a live goldfish and a crate of seafood.

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