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Is Your Workspace Working For You?

Is Your Workspace Working For You?

There’s no time like the New Year to evaluate your current workspace. You might not realise it, but you could do much better than that cluttered desk you also call home.

To help you become more productive and for your business to grow and succeed, you need a workplace that works for you. And as experts in the world of flexible serviced office space, out team here at are perfectly placed to help you find the space that works for you.

Consider these options for your big move in 2013:


Working from home can be convenient. But it can also be lonely, under-stimulating and distracting – particularly for those with young children or pets. Trust us, we’ve tried it.

If you’re not ready for a permanent or full-time office space just yet, why not try a co-working or campus space in 2013? This kind of workspace is the new buzzword in office space circles and there are plenty of locations popping up around the UK, US and beyond.

These shared workspaces are, as the names suggest, offices located within business centres that house numerous workers – not necessarily from the same company. Many are freelancers, mobile workers or independent professionals that need a ‘touchdown’ space from time to time. It provides a professional atmosphere, like-minded company and a stimulating community environment. And no pets!

Virtual office users

The virtual office can be handy for start-ups, but there will come a time as your business expands that you need something a little more professional. Consider a part-time office space that you can use for a set number of hours per week, or a single office in a nearby business centre.

There are plenty of one-man offices, many offering short-term agreements starting from just as little as one month. These are hugely popular and, given the flexible nature of business centres, you may be able to expand your office within the same location when the time comes.

Serviced offices for SMEs

Serviced space is ideal for businesses of any size, but especially for small and medium sized enterprises. For smaller businesses, budget can be all-important and the wrong sized office or one with lengthy terms can spell financial problems for your company if you need to make cutbacks or increase your office requirements further down the line.

Most serviced offices offer flexible terms and licence agreements, which means you’re not tied in. Conventional office leases are only available on long-term contracts, typically five years or over, but with a serviced office you can opt for a flexible deal to suit your business and your outlook for the year.

Serviced office space typically provides a ready-to-go environment complete with furniture, internet connection, telecoms, on-site management or receptionist staff, and other essentials such as cleaning and building maintenance. What is included will depend on the office provider and your contract, but in most cases this is all taken care of in the monthly cost.

Today’s serviced office industry is full of flexible options to suit businesses of every size, shape and structure. At we provide a completely free service to help businesses just like you find the office space to match your requirements, however large, small or quirky they might be.

Find out more about the ins and outs of serviced office space here or put us to the test to find out if we can match your office space wish-list. It might just be the best business decision you make in 2013.

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