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iPhone or Recycling Bin – Which would you say goodbye to first?

iPhone or Recycling Bin – Which would you say goodbye to first?

Where do your priorities lie when times are tough? Would you for instance be willing to move to a smaller or less prestigious office for the ΓÇ£Greater GoodΓÇ¥ ΓÇô or would you happily sit back and watch a colleague clear their desk in order to keep your personal status quo?

This kind of moral conundrum has perhaps become increasing relevant in recent times, with government cuts, economic chaos and growing uncertainty making people focus on not only what they have, but increasingly on how they are able to protect it.

But in some situations, work life included, being ΓÇ£selfishΓÇ¥ can be a route to success, with an individualΓÇÖs personal goals and ambitions spurring them on.

Yet despite the moral maze that many people considering this may find themselves in ΓÇô is this kind of determination really a bad thing? After all, would entrepreneurs the grace our television each week have been so successful if they had not been dedicated to reaching, reviewing and then exceeding the goals and ambitions that first led them to enter business?

Of course we are not all world famous entrepreneurs, indeed for many of us the things that keep us happy and motivated at work may seem humdrum in comparison ΓÇô but, as our quiz below seeks to identify, to what extent would you be willing to go in order to keep hold of them?


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