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Inside the Central St. Giles Googleplex

Inside the Central St. Giles Googleplex

Google is making London quite the home away from home.

The search giant opened the doors to an ΓÇÿinternet universityΓÇÖ in Shoreditch earlier this year, but has also been busy kitting out its Googleplex in Central St Giles, near Covent Garden.

Google purchased the building, the brain child of Shard designer, Renzo Piano, in 2011.

One year later, the building now come to house some of the advertising staff relocating from GoogleΓÇÖs Buckingham Palace Road offices where the lease is due to expire in 2016.

So whatΓÇÖs going on inside this latest Google HQ?

Well, according to GoogleΓÇÖs interior design agency, Penson, these offices feature all the usual Google perks weΓÇÖve come to expect, from the on-site dance studio to the private garden to the ΓÇÿlala libraryΓÇÖ, whatever that may be.

ΓÇ£ItΓÇÖs simply awesome,ΓÇ¥ said Penson in a press release. ΓÇ£A masterpiece of cohesion between visual fun, unique un-themed concepts and commercialism.ΓÇ¥

ΓÇÿEco-massiveΓÇÖ is the term being used to describe the green move Google is making in Central St Giles. In fact, floor 9 of the Googleplex features a series of allotments, divvied out for staff to nurture their own little pocket of green in a big grey city.

ΓÇ£Googlers have put their name onto a waiting list to get their allotment,ΓÇ¥ explains Penson. ΓÇ£Rules are rules, so if someone doesnΓÇÖt maintain their allotment they will be removed and the next person on the waiting list gets their chance.

ΓÇ£ItΓÇÖs brilliant using root vegetables and herbs as a past-time at work whilst aiding internal collaboration. Who will win this yearΓÇÖs largest marrow contest we wonder?ΓÇ¥

Other unusual staff benefits include the glowing orange showers, the Star Trek-style tables, the tiny work pods and the ΓÇÿnoise-tightΓÇÖ submarine doors.

View some sneaky inside photos at Dezeen or The Register.

Elsewhere in Google London…

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