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Incentivising Staff: Stash the Bad Ones in the Basement

Incentivising Staff: Stash the Bad Ones in the Basement

How do you incentivise your employees?

One advertising agency in Belgium rewards good work with plush all-star accommodation and puts the runners up in the basement.

Brussels-based Mortierbrigade (accommodation pictured) has worked with the likes of Levi Jeans, Deutsche Bank and Radio 1 among a vast portfolio of high profile accounts.

But it could be argued that itΓÇÖs what goes on behind closed doors that really sets this agency apart…

Creative interns who work at Mortierbrigade arrive from all corners of the world and are greeted with accommodation on the ground floor of the Mortierbrigade Hotel, dubbed ΓÇÿThe Tent for TwoΓÇÖ ΓÇô a basic camping ground infested with insects and featuring a purposely malfunctioning shower.

From here, instead of renting rooms, interns are encouraged to earn them.

Starting the day they begin their internship at Mortierbrigade, those who do well may aspire to see the inside of ΓÇÿThe Cabin in the WoodsΓÇÖ on the next floor, which offers wooden everything ΓÇô tables, chairs, beds (without mattresses) and even a James Woods DVD Collection.

If they continue to do better, the highest achieving interns may end up in the top floor ΓÇÿRoyal SuiteΓÇÖ, where the soft furnishings, rich design, a shower and the authority to boss around interns from other floors are the rewards for hard work in the office.

But for those who do badly, their fate is grim. Underachievers end up living in ΓÇÿThe BasementΓÇÖ, where the most unfortunate interns have to fight with rats on the cold stone floor to secure space to sleep on a piece of cardboard.

ΓÇ£It still beats working in your dadΓÇÖs insurance company,ΓÇ¥ says Mortierbrigade.

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Cruel and unusual or creative and unique? Tell us what you think of MortierbrigadeΓÇÖs intern incentive programme in the comments.

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