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IGN Offer Indie Game Developers Free Office Space

IGN Offer Indie Game Developers Free Office Space

IGN, a leading media & services company who are synonymous with the world of computer games, are offering independent game developers free access to their San Francisco office space so that they can benefit from the support and collaboration of a unique games community.

By opening the doors of its downtown office space to such developers, IGN hope to create a culture of camaraderie and knowledge sharing that will allow the games designers to move through the development process in a way that will help them to the best possible product.

The advantages of being in a shared workspace, or working in close proximity with other companies, can offer many advantages, ranging from the process of advice and exchange being encouraged by IGN at their San Francisco offices to the prospect of business deals or even partnerships.

This process, which focuses and relies upon the creation of a business / social community, is an advantage that many businesses operating out of business centres and serviced offices are able to take advantage of, with the ability to interact and problem-solve with fellow businesses made easier by their close proximity and the cross-over of some facilities.

In the case of business centres and serviced office buildings, the large range of locations available make working within key industry locations ΓÇô an hence near or alongside similar businesses ΓÇô can nearly always be achieved.

For many firms, whether they are a blue-chip corporate testing a new market or an SME on the up, the flexibility offered by these office types can also be an attractive prospect, with short terms licenses and adjustable space requirements far more accessible than if entering conventional office space.

The IGN INDIE OPEN HOUSE project will not only provide access to their office space, but also provide developers with access to industry insiders ranging from in-house editors and external advertisers as well as generating exposure aimed at getting the finished games noticed.

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