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If You’ve Got A Big Secret, Don’t Tell The Office Gossip

If You’ve Got A Big Secret, Don’t Tell The Office Gossip

According to a report by, we all have colleagues whose habits annoy us.

It has drawn up a list of workers’ personalities, including:

  • The Hipster – he wears the shiniest suit, loudest tie and silliest socks and is a grand master of the fake golf swing, finger pistols, thumbs up or spin bowl action.
  • The Borrower – just don’t leave anything lying around.
  • The Snake-slimy, limp hand shaker who stares at colleagues longer than should be allowed.
  • The Smacker – who slurps their way through lunch, talks with their mouth full and shares far more of their lunch than they should.
  • Pussy Galore – sweet yet neurotic colleague whose desk is covered in pictures of cats and who loves to share stories of her moggie’s ‘cute’ and ‘amazing’ antics.
  • The Message Mangler – always forgets to ask where the caller is from or take a contact number.
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Author: | November 16, 2007 | 0 Comments

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