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HSBC Explore British Business Success ΓÇô The 4 Qualities

HSBC Explore British Business Success ΓÇô The 4 Qualities

The Great British Business report from HSBC has identified the principle qualities that current business leaders cite as central to historical British business success ΓÇô and will be essential in helping them survive moving into the future.

Within the report, which the banking giant produced with trend researchers The Next Big Thing, it suggests that British businesses, as has happened following previous downturns, are poised to capitalise on the opportunities that will be presented in the coming months and years.

But while they may be ready for this bold new adventure, the HSBC report points toward four principle qualities that British businesses will need to display and possess in order to be part of this changing and challenging opportunity.

ΓÇ£TomorrowΓÇÖs successful business person will actually need many of the same qualities that have made British business great in the past.ΓÇ¥ States the report ΓÇô having surveyed 500 business leaders from offices and workspaces throughout the UK who identified the four qualities seen as essential to the past and future success of British business: innovation (44%), the ability to trade internationally (33%), entrepreneurialism (33%) and adaptability (26%).

The ability of a business to adapt is an issue regularly explored through the blog, with a growing number of businesses choosing serviced office space as an effective way of managing property overheads and injecting flexibility into their working practices.

While the report acknowledges that the current financial climate is challenging and more severe than those of the past, Neil Quinn ΓÇô group general manager at HSBC Commercial Bank, believes that it has forced businesses to look to alternative markets in a way which they would not have considered previously.

Having entered these new markets in order to survive, Quinn believes that once the recovery is complete these businesses will receive a double boost from having adapted and expanded outside of their traditional domestic market.

How have you adapted during the downturn? Did you find new markets to explore that will add strength to your business once the UK market returns to better times?


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