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How to Sell Ice to Eskimos: Bear Style

How to Sell Ice to Eskimos: Bear Style

Our very own Chris ‘The Bear’ Meredith, Head of UK Sales at, recently took part in an interview with recruitment firm

As well as sharing a few pearls of wisdom about how to succeed as a successful salesperson, Chris delved into his past to explain what influenced his career decisions, how he started out, and how he came to become the head of sales at – the UK’s largest serviced office broker.

Despite originally wanting to follow his father’s footsteps into a marketing role, it seems that Chris was always destined to work in sales. At school, he sold chocolate bars to his friends – buying multipacks and selling the individual bars at a profit – and later, he took a part-time summer sales job with Auto Trader.

When he started beating the targets of full-time employees at Auto Trader, this turned out to be the turning point in Chris’ career. It was shortly afterwards that he went for an interview with MDs Jim Venables and Andy Haywood of, who he says conducted the interview Alan Sugar-style from “a tiny office sat on plastic garden furniture.”

He liked them so much that he turned down a higher-paid job with Vodafone to join (and become ‘The Bear’) – now almost 7 years later, he is at the top of the sales ladder with and is putting his own stamp on the company.

Read the interview in full here:

20 questions with Chris Meredith

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Why is Chris Meredith known as The Bear? The story goes that on his very first day at, Chris arrived late to work having slept through his alarm. He was promptly warned about the values of punctuality by his new boss, MD Jim Venables, but two days later the same thing happened.

Following another late arrival Chris came close to being fired, and during Jim’s heated lecture he said “What are you, some kind of hibernating bear?”

It’s safe to say that Chris has never been late for work since, but the name has well and truly stuck…

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