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How to motivate your workforce: Grow an office garden!

How to motivate your workforce: Grow an office garden!

Here’s a refreshing way to motivate your staff force – create an office garden! A growing number of businesses around the UK are making way for courtyard and roof gardens, both as part of an effort to be ‘green’, and to provide an attractive space for lunch breaks and meetings.

Now, office gardens are being praised for their ability to help boost motivation among staff, leading to a happier workforce and an increase in productivity. Vegetables and fruit grown in the garden are also winding up in staff lunchboxes – adding a fun and healthy element into the mix.

Office gardens are now growing in popularity, and the effects are numerous, according to gardener Sue Beesley. Having spent 25 years working in the IT industry, Sue now designs gardens for offices, providing space for staff to relax during lunch breaks.

Speaking to The Guardian, she says: “I spent all my time craving some green space, something green to look at. It’s a real sensory lift, a pick-me-up, having a garden to wander out into on a sunny day.”

Sue, a former BBC Gardener of the Year, says that gardens help you to “feel better”, and lead to greater productivity, adding: “It puts you in a better frame of mind and you work better.”

Design company Wolff Olins, based in London’s Kings Cross, have their own staff club that maintains their sizeable vegetable garden, which is located on the roof of their office building. Workers often arrive early to work on the plot, which not only creates an enjoyable atmosphere for staff, but also produces plenty of fresh, organic produce for the staff restaurant.

“Rather than just going from a house to an office, it gives you some interaction with nature during your day,” says Wolff Olins’ building manager, Stuart Robertson.

While not every office has the space to create a roof garden, this hasn’t stopped a creative team from the Guardian, who recently turned some old skips into productive vegetable gardens with the help of Global Generation – the results of which frequently wind up in the staff canteen.

Do you have an office garden or green space that you’re proud of? If so get in touch and let us know!

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