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How Many Workstations Have We Sold So Far this Year?

How Many Workstations Have We Sold So Far this Year?

In 2010 to date, has sold over 10,000 serviced office workstations throughout the UK, with the largest single placement being for 100 workstations in Guildford.

This 10,000 figure is solely based on space sold in the UK, and doesn’t include any other locations represented by, such as the US, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), or Asia Pacific.

To date, the highest volume of workstations sold in 2010 have been in Central London, with Greater London following closely behind. In 2009 this statistic was reversed, as Greater London – which covers a wider geographical area than Central London with typically around 30% more buildings – saw the highest volume of workstation sales in the UK.

Interestingly, Greater London has seen an average of 5.1 workstations per placement in both 2009 and 2010, whereas Central London has seen a slight increase year-on-year from 5.4 in 2009 to 5.6 this year.

Chris Meredith,’s UK Head of Sales, feels that this 10,000 milestone is a significant achievement attained by excellent working relationships and sheer hard work.

“We’ve done some really chunky deals this year, and the fact that we have reached the 10,000 mark already is down to the attitude of our team – they have worked really hard to get here and it’s a fantastic achievement,” commented Chris.

He added: “I think this result speaks volumes about the relationships we have with our office providers. We are working really well together now and receiving plenty of regular feedback before and after the office tours – something which is essential for our consultants and keeps the search process moving along smoothly.”

Chris also commented that as well as forging stronger relationships with existing office providers, 2010 has seen a number of key new providers coming on board to work with, which gives clients access to a much wider range of options.

And in order to fine-tune the team’s market knowledge, consultants are now actively going out on a regular basis to visit office buildings and meet their contacts face-to-face – something that gives the team first-hand knowledge of the space and therefore allows them to relay this more effectively back to the client.

“Every consultant now gets out at least once a quarter, and with so many new office providers signing up with us, this has already developed into a key part of each consultant’s experience at,” Chris added.

“With 10,000 workstations already sold this year, I think 2010 is shaping up to be another fantastic year and I’m looking forward to seeing the end results.”

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