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How Does the Flu Affect You?

How Does the Flu Affect You?

It’s winter, you’ve already got the January blues and now the dreaded flu is circulating the office. How do you cope with the illness, and what sort of ‘Flu Fighter’ are you?

Find out in this fun quiz from Boiron and keep a note of your answers for each question – you will need them later.

What sort of flu fighter are you?

1. You start to experience flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills and aches. What do you do?

  • a. Go to bed and enjoy the break from work.
  • b. Buy every flu medicine you can find and attack it from day one. You canΓÇÖt afford to be off sick.
  • c. Try your ΓÇÿflu recovery programmeΓÇÖ ΓÇô start off with Lemsips, and build up the medicines as the flu progresses.
  • d. DonΓÇÖt do anything ΓÇô you never get the flu anyway.
  • e. Take natural or herbal medicines ΓÇô you donΓÇÖt want any side-effects.

2. What is your first choice of medicine when flu symptoms hit?

  • a. Home remedies ΓÇô soup, a Hot Toddy, or mild pain relievers.
  • b. The strongest thing you can find in your medicine cupboard.
  • c. Simple non-prescription medicines such as nasal spray, cough sweets, or paracetamol.
  • d. Nothing.
  • e. Herbal treatments.

3. What does the flu mean to you?

  • a. Childhood memories and getting pampered.
  • b. You hate it ΓÇô itΓÇÖs an inconvenience and you canΓÇÖt afford time off sick.
  • c. Mind over matter ΓÇô you can handle it and you know how to deal with it.
  • d. ItΓÇÖs not an issue.
  • e. You avoid it by leading a healthy lifestyle.

4. If you got the flu, how likely are you to take natural medicines as part of treatment and recovery?

  • a. Never
  • b. Not likely
  • c. Somewhat likely
  • d. Very likely
  • e. Definitely

5. When you hear that the flu is doing the rounds, do you:

  • a. Stock up on home remedies (whiskey at the ready).
  • b. Only buy medicines or remedies when you start to feel ill.
  • c. Keep your medicine cupboard stocked up and ready.
  • d. DonΓÇÖt buy anything.
  • e. Carry medicines with you, just in case.

6. When would you go to the Doctor about your flu illness:

  • a. Only if you have been ill for more than a week.
  • b. When you have exhausted non-prescriptive medicines and need something stronger.
  • c. If regular medicines arenΓÇÖt working.
  • d. You never go to the doctor.
  • e. If natural remedies arenΓÇÖt working and the illness is getting worse.

7. What would you consider to be your best weapon against the flu?

  • a. Your bed.
  • b. The strongest medicine you can get hold of.
  • c. Non-prescription medicines.
  • d. Nothing – just your willpower.
  • e. A healthy lifestyle and natural remedies.

8. What do you think is the worst thing about the flu?

  • a. Not being able to rest and get over it.
  • b. Feeling restricted and knowing that it affects your productivity.
  • c. ItΓÇÖs unpredictable.
  • d. Admitting that you have the flu.
  • e. Knowing that it could lead to a more serious health problem.

Now count up your scores and find out how you did!

Mostly A – ‘The Cozy Cocooner’… Having the flu is an excuse for you to go back to bed and sleep it off for a week. You are glad to get away from the office and you will use the time to read and thoroughly relax.

Mostly B – ‘The Ferocious Fighter’… You will do anything to keep the flu at bay because you canΓÇÖt afford to be off sick. At the first sign of illness you will raid your medicine cupboard and buy out the pharmacy to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Getting back to work is the priority.

Mostly C – ‘The Perfect Planner’… You have a strategy prepared that you have already tried and tested. You start with mild relievers such as paracetamol, and then work your way up by trying different treatments and medicines as it gets worse. You will go to the Doctor eventually but only if it gets really bad.

Mostly D – ‘The Disease Denier’… You believe that you donΓÇÖt get the flu, and even if you did, you wouldnΓÇÖt admit to having it. You will go out of your way to hide your symptoms and play it down as much as possible. ItΓÇÖs all about mind over matter, and a business as usual approach is important to you.

Mostly E – ‘The Holistic Healer’… You believe that your health is precious and you maintain it by keeping up a healthy lifestyle, with a good nutritious diet and plenty of exercise. You would only take herbal or natural remedies to fight off the flu.

What type of flu-fighter are you – and have you had to put this theory into practise yet in 2011? Leave your thoughts below by using the comment box or send your views to

Source ΓÇô Boiron.

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