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How do open plan offices shape up?

How do open plan offices shape up?

Open plan offices are regularly praised for their constructive environment, which can help to boost motivation, assist projects teams and help keep wayward colleagues on the straight and narrow.

But they have also been blamed for distracting colleagues, speeding up the spread of illness and even causing high blood pressure.

The effectiveness of open plan office design is an argument that continues to raise its head. Many modern office buildings have been constructed to favour the open-plan layout, which generally accommodates more staff than the traditional office suite design.

But such large open spaces often demand more energy for heating and lighting, which can increase the maintenance costs of running the building. Rather than becoming a negative point, in many cases this has encouraged developers to introduce more environmentally friendly utilities in new buildings, such as improved insulation and movement sensor lights.

What are your views on office layout? Do you find the open plan design noisy and distracting, or does it help to create a more motivational teamwork environment? View our article for further details – Does an open-plan office affect the way you work? – or share your views by leaving a comment below.

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