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Happy Birthday Iris ΓÇô Happy Birthday Us!

Happy Birthday Iris ΓÇô Happy Birthday Us!

At, the leading independent broker to the UKΓÇÖs serviced office industry, it could never be said that we donΓÇÖt appreciate good food ΓÇô especially when that food is cake.

Contributing to the tradition of bringing in cake on your own Birthday, our resident Health & Safety expert Iris has today raised the bar ΓÇô having turned up with a tray of delectable, handmade cakes complete with cake stand!

While we tend to avoid passing any judgement on cake ΓÇô for fear of it hearing us and never turning up again ΓÇô it has to be said that IrisΓÇÖs cakes put even the nicest shop-bought-bake well and truly in the shade.

Since the arrival of this grade A bakery, speculation has begun to run wild over how people will cope in a post-Iris era? Will the birthday boys and girls of the future step up and compete, or will Iris be flooded with orders leading to a string of high street stores, a lucrative book deal and a regular guest slot on Saturday Morning Kitchen? Only time will tell!

But for now the calorific delights are calling – So to Iris we say Happy Birthday and thanks for all the cake!

Click HERE to get up close and personal with these calorific delights!

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