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Growing Your Business? 4 Ways a Flexible Office Could Help

Growing Your Business? 4 Ways a Flexible Office Could Help

How ready is your business? We take a look at how a flexible office could help you be ready to seize the next great business opportunity that comes your way.

1. Expand your offices ΓÇô next week

The short-term rental agreements of flexible offices make it easy for you to expand your operation at short notice, allowing you to take on new employees just as quickly. In fact, your office might be ready before they are!

WhatΓÇÖs more, once youΓÇÖre renting flexible space in a business centre, there is often the opportunity to expand the amount of space you have, so you can grow your business without having to change your address.

2. Set up a satellite office ΓÇô tomorrow

Maybe youΓÇÖre working on a specific project. Perhaps youΓÇÖre looking to test out the opportunities in a new regional market. Either way, flexible offices enable you to rent offices in secondary locations at short notice.

Not ready for a full second office? Opt for a hot-desking option with a pass which means you only pay for offices when you use them: this is about as lean as it gets and gives you a chance to sample a new location both efficiently and easily.

3. Host a meeting on Day One

ItΓÇÖs not just the actual offices ΓÇô when you move into conventional office space, youΓÇÖll be responsible for setting up all the additional space too, such as meeting rooms.

By contrast, flexible offices come with all these spaces furnished and ready to use. ThereΓÇÖs no install needed ΓÇô theyΓÇÖre available on a plug-and-play basis which means theyΓÇÖre ready to use whenever you need. So you can start hosting important client meetings right away. A far better use of your time!

4. Downsizing is easy too

Naturally, no one wants to think about downsizing their business ΓÇô but knowing that you can relocate to smaller premises quickly and easily is actually a good thing. Having that safety net can give you the confidence to upsize in the first place. That may well result in further growth and you may never need to downsize at all.

Use flexible office space? How has it helped your business grow?

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