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Green office buildings make business sense, claims KPMG report

Green office buildings make business sense, claims KPMG report

A report by KPMG states that cutting energy consumption by ‘greening’ office buildings makes commercial sense, with businesses set to gain a significant positive return on investments.

Aside from the environmental benefits and the cost-saving advantages of measures such as properly insulated buildings, businesses are also said to gain from reduced tax, and potentially lower insurance premiums.

Phil Ludvigsen, Director of Carbon Advisory Services at KPMG, said: “Going green is not just good for the environment, but can also make solid business sense.” He also claims that eco-friendly measures in commercial property will become increasingly important. states that larger companies such as Dole, Walmart, Holiday Inn, and the New York Times are switching onto the benefits, by installing measures such as energy efficient lighting.

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Author: | November 19, 2009 | 0 Comments

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