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Graffiti: In your face and on your office space

Graffiti: In your face and on your office space

Developers of the Hi-end office space in BristolΓÇÖs Harbourside scheme have commissioned two local street artists to help brighten up the waterside development, with the entire project being catalogued and recorded along the way.

Considered by many to be pure vandalism, the decision to recruit the local artists, who operate under the tags of Cheo and 3dom, is somewhat of a pre-emptive strike by commercial developer Crest Nicholson, aimed at deterring the arrival of illegal and offensive graffiti on the numerous hoardings that accompany the construction work taking place on Bristol site.

A picture of the project has been supplied thanks to photographer Tim Ulewicz.

ΓÇ£Rather than let that happenΓÇ¥ explained Poppy Morgan, Senior Surveyor at property consultants King Sturge who manage the site on behalf of the developer, ΓÇ£Crest Nicholson showed superb vision by embracing the culture of street art and commissioning these up and coming young artists to create a spectacular piece of work which really enhances the general environment at the DevelopmentΓÇ¥

While I like this creative touch, for many street art is simply graffiti ΓÇô so will the likes of HBOS and Lloyds TSB, who will both be locating their new regional headquarters in the developments grade A office space, embrace the arrival of the brightly coloured creations of Cheo and 3dom?

ΓÇ£Graffiti art has come a long way over the yearsΓÇ¥ explained Poppy before pointing out the growing recognition and position of such artic endeavours,ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£you just have to look at last yearΓÇÿs phenomenally popular Banksy exhibition in Bristol to see how the city has now embraced that culture.ΓÇ¥

Indeed there does appear to be a thriving artistic community with the vicinity, with the commercial development and its encompassing office space located near both the Bristol Gallery and art markets that take place in the nearby Millennium Square. At 95ft long and standing 10ft high however, it will be difficult for anyone who does not see the merits in such art to avoid.

Bristol has seen a flurry of office related news in recent weeks, including the city councilΓÇÖs request for suggested uses of the vacant office space in the city and the arrival of serviced office space provider Orega ΓÇô highlighting a sense of growing confidence in the CityΓÇÖs office space market.

Of course adding a graffiti mural is not the only way to help your building standout from the crowd, with some office buildings incorporating unusual and eye catching images / artwork right from the start ΓÇô an example of which can be found right here on the website as it home to a serviced office centre

Located in Kaunas, Lithuania this incredible looking building (see picture) has a Lithuanian banknote emblazoned across its outer layer by way of a ceramic print ΓÇô a design which has earned the building a reputation as one of the Baltic regionΓÇÖs standout commercial developments.


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