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Graduate Entrepreneurship Project Set to Continue

Graduate Entrepreneurship Project Set to Continue

Graduate funding for new start-ups in Yorkshire is set to continue.

Co-ordinated by the University of Huddersfield, the scheme was due to be terminated but has since secured funding for the next three years.

The Project funds various activities within 11 higher education institutions in Yorkshire, focused specifically on entrepreneurship and starting a new business. It has reportedly already generated £3m for the Yorkshire economy since 2007 and is forecast to do the same over the next three years.

With the help of Yorkshire Forward, the scheme will receive £1.3m from the European Regional Development Fund, a figure which will be matched by the 11 institutions.

According to TheBusinessDesk, Kelly Smith, head of enterprise at the University of Huddersfield, said:

“Research has shown that although entrepreneurial success tends to increase in line with educational attainment, entrepreneurial intent drops away quite dramatically at university. This is why the project exists at universities, which is a safe environment for graduates to explore what business start-ups might mean for them.

“Graduates often bypass traditional support systems. Most people come to university to get a job, not necessarily to create their own. We see our role to hand-hold and inspire graduates to engage with start-up activity.”

Yorkshire’s Graduate Entrepreneurship Project operates in each of the 11 institutions, and is designed to provide mentoring and advice to students and graduates who left the university up to 8 years previously. Grants up to the value of ┬ú2,500 are also available.

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