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Grade A, B and C office space explained

Grade A, B and C office space explained

Office space properties are often placed into one of three classifications – Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C, which refer to the quality and standard of the building.

Although there is no clear definition of what a property must achieve in order to fit into these categories, has come up with a general description of these grades, as follows:

Grade A office space… Prime offices based in prestigious locations, often newly constructed or redeveloped, and boasting top-spec facilities, materials and office fit-out. Typically demands high rents and attracts high-profile companies such as banks, law firms and investment companies.

Grade B office space… Sometimes ex-Grade A offices which have aged, or properties in less prestigious areas. Typically attracts a wide range of businesses and demands average or below-average rents.

Grade C office space… Older properties which have adequate facilities, in suburbs or low-cost, out of town areas. Maintained to an average standard and usually demands cheaper rents than Grade B offices.

Take a look at our article online to find out more:

What is Grade A, B and C office space?

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