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Google Predicts Job Boom for Britain

Google Predicts Job Boom for Britain

Google Europe Vice President Philipp Schindler is anticipating approximately 365,000 jobs to be created in the next 5 years within the UK, as internet businesses continue to grow.

Despite the market downturn, the Google chief described the internet as “the biggest driver of export opportunity you will find over the next decade”, particularly providing small and medium sized companies with the prospect of marketing their products or services at home and abroad.

He described his predictions, based on 2011-2015 forecasts for the UK’s economic growth, as “on the conservative side” saying that “in the UK, given the rate of job creation that economists associate with a rise in GDP, this translates into an expectation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs, thanks to the internet”.

Mr Schindler was keen to highlight the importance of a strong broadband service across the UK emphasising it as a “fundamental pillar of a successful digital economy”. Alongside this he was eager to encourage UK businesses to utilise the opportunities of smartphones, “cloud computing” and consumer data, exploiting the benefits the internet offers.

Google landed London’s biggest office deal back in May this year and now operates 3 offices within the UK where it plans to invest and expand in what is its second largest market in the World.

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