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Google Office… Or Serviced Office?

Google Office… Or Serviced Office?

One is renowned for its creative office designs; the other for its practicality. But Google offices and serviced offices may not be as different as you think. Take our test: Can you tell the difference?

Which of these are Google offices? And which are serviced offices? (Answers at the bottom of the page.)

1. Colourfully creative

White City

ItΓÇÖs cool, itΓÇÖs colourful and itΓÇÖs even got a chalkboard where you can scribble your welcome message as you pass by. But is it Google?

2. Larger than life

Waterloo Office Google or Serviced

With its giant playing cards and bold colour scheme, this meeting room certainly has the makings of a Google space. Is it part of the tech giantΓÇÖs empire?

3. Neon style in Tech City

Tech City Office

This office in Tech City features neon artwork and eclectic furnishings. Can you imagine Googlers holding a project meeting here?

4. Bringing playtime to the office

Putting Green in Office

From slides to games rooms, running tracks to meditation suites, Google is well known for providing recreation spaces in its offices. Just like this putting green.

5. The one with the slide

Cool Colourful Offices

Primary colours? Check. Slide? Check. Cool, converted warehouse vibe? Absolutely. But is it Google?

6. Looking on the bright side

Colourful Offices

Funky, colourful seating; comfy beanbags; thereΓÇÖs even a London phone box mural ΓÇô this breakout space has Google written all over it. Or does it?

7. Old-school elegance

Lounge Style Offices

With its muted colour palette and leather chesterfields this office just oozes old-fashioned elegance. Surely this is home to a world-leading tech company?

8. Charming Chesterfields

Charming Chesterfields

More chesterfields, more muted colours. These offices are certainly a stylish place to work. But hereΓÇÖs the question: Google or Serviced?

Did you guess correctly? Find the answers below.

How did you do? Share your score in the comments below or tweet your results to us @officebrokercom.




1. Serviced offices in White City, London; 2. Serviced offices in Waterloo; 3. Serviced offices in Shoreditch; 4. Serviced offices in the City of London; 5. Google offices, Chelsea, New York; 6. Serviced offices in Camden Town, London; 7. Google offices, 8th Avenue, New York; 8. Serviced offices in Bristol

(Images 5 “The library” & 7 Untitled by Marcin Wichary, licensed under CC BY 2.0.)

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