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Going Green: Saving Cash & Greenhouse Gas

Going Green: Saving Cash & Greenhouse Gas

Nearly 50% of UK employees admit that because they donΓÇÖt pay the bills, they donΓÇÖt make an effort to reduce power consumption or waste at work ΓÇô placing the onus on you as the boss to lead the green revolution by reducing waste and stemming the extra cost this creates for your business along the way.

Love it or hate it, Austerity has become a watchword in recent times, with the notion of cutting back, streamlining and improving the efficiency of day-to-day activities coming under the microscope like never before. But while many businesses consider the ΓÇ£bigΓÇ¥ things when it comes to cutting costs, it can often be the little, continuous things that can leave a big dent on your balance sheet ΓÇô but ΓÇ£going greenΓÇ¥ can help you tackle these penny pinchers head on.

From waste paper to a left on light, almost every process or office resource can cost you money. But get to grips with these issues and not only can you save yourself money, you can also secure a few environmental brownie points in the process.

Starting Points:

# £120 Million – The Estimated Cost Each Year to British Businesses for Leaving the Lights On

As with many elements of office life, the biggest challenge to long-term change is the breaking of old habits. But with the introduction of subtle messages, on-going education (and nagging) then habits such as leaving the light on can be changed.

# 50% – The Estimated Number of Printed Pages that Are Never Looked At

How many Page 2 of 2 roll off the printer with nothing more than a line of text (or ironically a Think Before You Print message) emblazoned across an otherwise fresh piece of paper?

Well if the above estimate is correct, every time you order a 500 Sheet ream of paper, 250 of those sheets are destined straight for the bin. But with an average cost of £4.00 per ream, you’re also throwing away £2.00 every time – how many reams do you use each year?

According to, an award winning initiative that addresses and promotes green issues in the office environment, only 34% of UK businesses are actively engaged in trying to reduce energy usage on an ongoing basis. What is interesting however is that 69% believe that ΓÇ£Going GreenΓÇ¥ would deliver a major impact on the health of the environment.

To learn more about how you can turn your office space ΓÇ£GreenΓÇ¥, while also saving your business money and resources, visit greenofficeweek.eup

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