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Go green and cut costs with a flexible office

Go green and cut costs with a flexible office
Cut costs and boost employee’s morale with a flexible approach to working

While the economy struggles to stabilise and the recession rages on, telling your staff to work from home or consider greener practices might be the last two things on your agenda. But surprisingly, flexible working can actively save your business money, improve productivity, and help reduce carbon emissions.

Here at we specialise in serviced offices, and we recognise the benefits these have when it comes to flexible working. Serviced offices don’t tie you in to lengthy contracts – instead, license agreements start from just a few months, which means that if you’ve taken on too much space, you can simply hand it back at the end of your contract, or negotiate a new contract with your existing landlord. This can prove to be a great benefit if you change your working agreement and encourage the use of hot-desking or home-working.

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Cut costs and help the environment

Flexible working can dramatically help to reduce business overheads. Employers who allow staff to work from home are instantly reducing the amount of resources used by that person – such as the electricity used for running a PC 8 or 9 hours a day.

This, along with a reduction in employees commuting to work, can reduce carbon emissions and help promote a greener environment.

Furthermore, companies can help prevent the need to relocate or up size their office by introducing flexible working and hot-desking. A plan should be drawn up that details exactly which employees will be at home on certain days, to make sure there are enough desks for those in the office that day. The result can really utilise your office space and make the most out of your monthly rates.

However, for the benefits to be fully gained, businesses should also tackle the effect of unused office space. For example, if your business uses office space spread over more than one floor, consider introducing hot-desking in order to reduce the amount of workers in the office at any one time, and then consolidate your workstations so they are all positioned on the same floor. The result is a huge amount of empty office space, which can be returned to your office provider, or, if you’re tied into a lease, can be sub-let to another company.

Either way, you can cut out a huge chunk of your electricity, heating and rental bills. And the beauty of a serviced office is that you can always take the space back again after a few months – providing it’s still available!

Boost the job market

Flexible working, such as working on a flexi-hour basis or working from home, is a huge incentive for many employees in today’s marketplace. In fact, a recent report by communications firm Avaya, as reported by My Business, states that almost 90% of workers believe flexible working can boost the jobs market. These working practices are more likely to appeal to individuals with other commitments – such as parents with children at nursery – and can potentially help to bridge the gap between unemployment or part-time hours, and a full-time career.

Improve your workforce morale

Giving staff the chance to work flexibly can be a massive morale booster. It signifies an established level of trust between employer and employee, and offers a more pleasant working arrangement.

According to Avaya’s study, 67% of employees believe flexible workers are much happier, while 51% say they are more productive. Working from home removes the need to travel to an office on a daily basis – a factor that can free up a large portion of time and also help cut travelling costs. Many UK workers also believe that flexible working encourages more loyalty among staff.

Furthermore, 59% of employers stated that the biggest motivator to adopt flexible working practices is increased productivity. The next most significant reasons were wishing to keep talented workers with family commitments, and reducing costs associated with having less permanent staff in the office at any one time.

How can you benefit?

If you’re considering moving to a serviced office, or you want to try a more flexible working arrangement, speak to one of our office experts for free guidance. Our consultants will explain the benefits of services offices, and will help you to find the office to suit you in your preferred location. Best of all, our services are completely free and impartial, and we’ll even call you back to save your phone bill! Visit or contact our team direct for more information.

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