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Gatwick Business Centre Enjoys 90% Occupancy One Year After Opening

Gatwick Business Centre Enjoys 90% Occupancy One Year After Opening

Just one year after opening, a serviced office centre in Gatwick is now 91% occupied. Located within the grounds of Gatwick airport on the Beehive Ring Road, the centre is based at the original Gatwick passenger terminal building that was in use during the 1930s.

The centre has proved to be a favourite with local businesses, and has clocked up many favourable reviews on the website. Jeff Watts from eLan Group commented that moving into his Gatwick office was “by far the best business decision” he made this year, while David Randell from Prospect-Tree Health Care Services summed up the service provided by the staff, by commenting:

“All the staff at the Beehive are exceptionally accommodating, attending to our requests in a timely and efficient manner,” adding, “Whilst I would have an expectancy for the above from any serviced office, the attitude, aptitude and general desire to do well make the staff here stand out from the norm.”

Several of the centre’s clients work within or rely on the aviation sector, and as such the property provides an ideal location thanks to its proximity to Gatwick airport.

One of the centre’s clients is Meridian Aviation, an international chartered aircraft service that is the second largest occupier in the building with 49 workstations.

Another client, ABS Network Solutions, recently took space at the centre following a major incident at their Crawley office building in which their roof collapsed. New space was required urgently for 30 workstations, and within a week of signing at the centre, ABS employees had taken occupation.

Linda Burton, Regional Sales Manager for the centre, says:

“Since opening in April last year, we have enjoyed a steady stream of enquiries from companies keen to be part of our unique workplace. With Gatwick Airport only minutes away, The Beehive appeals to both national and international businesses, and has an important role to play within the aviation community.”

Find out more about this business centre here: Gatwick Airport, Beehive Ring Road.

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