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Gatwick Airport Seeks Additional Runway

Gatwick Airport Seeks Additional Runway

Gatwick Airport will push for a second runway as it seeks to increase its capacity and boost the business bubble that thrives around the UKΓÇÖs second largest airport.

Contributing £2 billion to the economy of London and the South East, Gatwick is the second largest airport in the UK and the world’s busiest single-runway airport – but with passenger numbers growing and turnover up, it now intends to push for a second runway to bolster its position.

It is no surprise that Airports such as Gatwick are already a popular location for business, with hundreds of firms servicing the aviation industry direct, or conducting their business through these Worldwide and European portals.

Looking at our own data, there are currently 5 locations offering serviced office space within a 3 mile radius of Gatwick Airport and no less than 32 operating within the same proximity of key UK airports such Heathrow (8), Manchester (7), Birmingham (6), Edinburgh (4), Luton (4) and Stansted (3).

In addition to those businesses operating around the airport from locations such as serviced offices, Gatwick itself also directly employs 23,000 staff and an additional 1,900 indirectly.

Based on recent figures, an additional 200,000 passengers came through Gatwick between April-September 2012, bringing the mix of holiday makers and business travelers to 19.9m and raising pre-tax profits to £107.2m.

Key to this push is the idea that increasing the level of competition amongst UK airports, rather than following the idea of a single hub airport, and improving overall capacity will help to distribute the economic benefits of good aviation links and build the business bubble that exists around the site.

But as has been proved with the planned expansion of Heathrow, the benefits of economic growth are likely to clash with concerns over environmental conservation.

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Author: | November 29, 2012 | 1 Comment

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