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Future Looking Bright for West MidlandΓÇÖs Serviced Office Buildings

Future Looking Bright for West MidlandΓÇÖs Serviced Office Buildings

A new report by serviced office specialistΓÇÖs has shown the West Midlands to be leading the way in recovery during the opening quarter of 2010, highlighted by a 13% increase in the number of business tenants entering flexible office space compared to twelve months ago.

Serviced office space, which is used by businesses ranging from start-ups and SMEs to corporate clients, has become an important part of the office market both here in the West Midlands and throughout the UK. With 226 business centres offering serviced office space in the West Midlands alone, they not only generate their own employment but also act as the hub of individual business communities.

Within the Serviced Office Review: West Midlands Q1 2010, not only records a 13% increase in overall tenants, but also a 10% rise in the size of space required (defined as workstations with the industry) by each new tenant, pointing towards growing levels of confidence and action by business owners during the first quarter of 2010.

In addition to this already positive news, the report also presents evidence of a 48% increase in the number of businesses enquiring about serviced office space as a viable workspace solution during these opening months. This surge in enquiries for serviced space is part of a longer trend which has established itself during the last twelve months, providing evidence of how an increasing number of businesses are looking to serviced office space as the solution to maintaining flexibility within their operations while keeping overheads at manageable level.

This latest report, which forms part of twelve regional reports released quarterly through the website, is available to download from the Stats & Facts section of the companyΓÇÖs website.

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