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FootballΓÇÖs Coming Home? A boost for UK Business.

FootballΓÇÖs Coming Home? A boost for UK Business.

A £3.2bn boost to the UK economy is expected if England is announced as host of the 2018 World Cup this afternoon, with businesses in offices across all the potential host cities hopeful that they could stand to benefit from the large number of suppliers and services such an event would require.

While the impact of the BBCΓÇÖs Panorama program alleging corruption within the FIFA Squad is being headlined as a potential stumbling block, PM David Cameron, Prince William and England Legend David Beckham have reportedly been lobbying FIFA members hard during the last few days in order to secure England as the host nation.

The expected financial impact for both the host cities and the UK economy as a whole highlights exactly why such big names are hard at work in Zurich, with host regions such as the North West standing to benefit from as much as £750m – highlighting that this is not just football – but big business.

With as much as ┬ú3.2bn expected to pour into the UK economy if England over-come rival bids from Russia and a joint venture from cash-strapped Spain & Portugal, the potential for businesses in offices, workshops and factories throughout the UK is significant – with the services and products required during both the event itself and during the build-up remaining substantial.

The cities shortlisted as possible hosts are:

Given the temporary nature of the event, the UKΓÇÖs leading independent broker of serviced office space, which advertises office space in all of the above cities, expects to see an additional surge in office space enquires from businesses linked to the event once the build-up begins and if England is announced as the host nation.

While many sporting and political figures appear to focus on the UK infrastructure, stadia and the passion for the game when speaking publically about being chosen as the host nation (which would also mean that we donΓÇÖt have to worry about qualifying for once!), the real linchpin is who can deliver the best commercial package, as Dan Jones of Deloitte explained to

“The proven depth of passion for football amongst domestic communities, together with the unrivalled worldwide interest in the game in this country, stands EnglandΓÇÖs bid ahead of others.

“England will deliver the very best welcome and World Cup experience for all and, from a commercial perspective, will enable FIFA to generate funds for investment in football development around the world.

The outcome of the FIFA vote is due to be announced at 3pm today following what is bound to be a frantic morning of lobbying, pleading and negotiation… but will football be “coming home”?

When the result of the London Olympics was announced the office space in which I worked came to a standstill ΓÇô do you think the same will happen in your office this afternoon?

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