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Focus on: Serviced Office Space in Saudi Arabia

Focus on: Serviced Office Space in Saudi Arabia

Serviced office space has established a global appeal, growing from a temporary space for traveling businessmen to a tried and tested location in which to base entire businesses. While conventional space and long-term leases have long been seen as the standard workspace for businesses, the growing appeal of serviced office space cannot be ignored, with an increasing number of businesses each year turning to serviced offices as a way of reducing their property overheads in and adding flexibility to their working practices.

To explore just how popular and far reaching serviced office space has now become, we here at, the UKΓÇÖs largest broker of serviced offices, have decided to create a series of blog posts drawing attention to the serviced office offering around the globe.

Our first stop on this serviced office space world tour is Saudi Arabia, where helps to advertise four serviced offices. The four centres, which between them provide office space in Riyadh and Jeddah, are all of a high standard and are often used for project specific work or as regional offices for larger companies.

As with most high quality serviced offices, the office space available in these buildings comes fully furnished and with quick easy access to services such as broadband, managed reception services and in some cases even secretarial support.

ΓÇ£Riyada as the capital attracts a lot of interest from oil and petroleum companiesΓÇ¥ explains Rav Jisdhaul, officebroker.comΓÇÖs expert for the area, ΓÇ£many of these companies are setting up office space for projects that last between 6-12 months. The fact that the space is flexible and they can move in quickly to begin working is defiantly the appealΓÇ¥

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia itself occupies about 80% of the Arabian Peninsular and is of course known for its petroleum based economy, with some estimates suggesting that the Kingdom has up to 24% of the worldΓÇÖs proven oil reserves. Given the worldΓÇÖs dependence on oil and the vast number of businesses operating around the industry, it is clear that there will be a potential need for high quality office space in Saudi Arabia for many years to come, with the serviced offices operating within the Kingdom well positioned to attract and supply such businesses.

Serviced Offices in Riyadh

Serviced Offices in Jeddah

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