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Floating Office to become “Googleplex of the sea”

Floating Office to become “Googleplex of the sea”

In what can only be described as a twist on the serviced office, US company Blueseed is seeking to create a flotilla of office space that would allow the best and the brightest to congregate in international waters and avoid visa restrictions.

With the aim to provide office space for up to 1000 people, the floating workspace would provide ready to go offices anchored outside of the US jurisdictions that are said to limit access to ΓÇ£The boldest, brightest and most talented tech entrepreneurs from around the worldΓÇ¥

While still at concept stage, the intention would be to anchor the floating office block just 12 miles from Silicon Valley and charge around £1000 per crew member month – A fee that would include living and office space.

In addition to the living and work space, residents would also have access to leisure facilities such as a gym and game rooms as well as 24 hour security, medical services and onboard convenience stores.

The scheme is also hoping to accommodate daily commuters, with US residents able to catch a ferry from San Francisco.

Billed as the ΓÇ£Googleplex of the seaΓÇ¥ the team behind the idea plan to launch during late 2013.

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Author: | May 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

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