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Flexibility Shows the Way ΓÇô Serviced Office Space the answer?

Flexibility Shows the Way ΓÇô Serviced Office Space the answer?

Enterprise experts at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) have pointed toward flexibility in costs as an important factor for West Midland businesses hoping to benefit from the upturn in market conditions.

Neil Philpott, entrepreneurial business expert at PwC in the Midlands, was quoted as saying: ΓÇ£While cost concerns remain paramount and all costs are closely scrutinised, some entrepreneurial businesses in the region are putting cost considerations on a more positive footing ΓÇô building in flexibility to enable the business to move quickly to capitalise on market opportunities as and when they arrive. (

One method of cost management which has become increasingly popular is that of serviced offices. By moving away from long-term leases in conventional property, which can feel like a weight around a businesses neck, the month by month and malleable nature of serviced office space can often provide the answer to freeing up finances and allowing businesses to respond proactively to peaks and troughs in their trading.

The serviced office industry has grown to include a full range of property types, from simply setups to Grade ΓÇÿAΓÇÖ office buildings at the heart of leading cities all over the world. As the largest office broker worldwide, works with over 95% of serviced office providers and guides businesses from start to finish with their free service. You can find out more about the serviced offices available in your area by visiting or calling them on 0800 9777 770.

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