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Flexibility of Croydon Office is “big plus” for Businesses

Flexibility of Croydon Office is “big plus” for Businesses

A serviced office business centre in Croydon has attracted positive feedback via’s online review facility.

The property, which is located in central Croydon, offers a recently refurbished workplace with excellent first impressions, and a modern professional base for businesses.

In September, Tenant Jon Mitchell from recruitment firm Populus Consultants wrote his review having toured and then rented space at the property, commenting that the property offers “Nice offices”, adding that they are “clean, reasonably spacious and affordable.”

Jon went on to say that the most appealing benefit was the flexibility of the terms, and the instant move-in opportunities, commenting: “Big plus for us is that there are no tie-ins but monthly rolling contracts. Confirmed I wanted the office on the Thursday and moved in on the Monday.”

He added that the experience was “hassle free”.

These two main benefits – flexibility and instant move-in – are key features of the serviced office industry, as virtually all properties offer easy-in easy-out contracts, usually on a monthly basis with instant occupation and ‘ready-to-go’ offices.

However for some clients this isn’t enough – as demonstrated by an anonymous author who posted another review in March this year. The reviewer praised the offices, based on location, size and facilities, but commented that the price of the office was too high. This is an interesting representation of the opinionated nature of online reviews, and also demonstrates that for some businesses, cost is key – even if every other factor is perfect.

Workstation cost is just one of several aspects of the serviced office industry explored in’s popular Serviced Office Review series. Launched earlier this year, the reports cover every UK region and focus on average workstation costs, size of placement and enquiry levels.

The next round of these free regional reports will be started next week, to coincide with the launch of Q3.

Find out more about the research online via our online Resource Centre – Stats & Facts section.

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