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Fiscal Faces: Just Who are You Spending?

Fiscal Faces: Just Who are You Spending?

An average of £364 per person will be spent this Christmas according to American Express, but as your hard earned money leaves your pocket, have you ever wondered whose face that is looking back at you and just what they did to get there?

The £5 Note:

Elizabeth Fry (1780 ΓÇô 1845): Born in Norwich, Elizabeth Fry was the daughter of a Banker and worked tirelessly to bring about widespread prison reform.

Despite being involved in social care from the age of 15, it was a visit to Newgate Prison in 1813 that set her legacy in motion. Appalled by the conditions in which some 300 women prisoners and their children were being held, Fry set about gathering evidence and outlining changes which led to Elizabeth becoming a driving force in prison reform.

The £10 Note:

Charles Darwin (1809-1882): Born in Shrewsbury, this world famous naturalist needs little introduction thanks to the influence and impact of his book The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.

Attributed as being one of the most influential figures in human history, DarwinΓÇÖs death was marked by a ceremonial funeral in Westminster Abbey where his body was buried near John Herschel and Sir Isaac Newton.

The £20 Note:

Adam Smith (1723-1790): Considered to be a founding father of modern economics, Adam Smith is described as a moral philosopher and political economist.

Gracing the £20 note issued by the Bank of England since 2007, Smith’s achievements had also previously been recognised by the Clydesdale Bank in Scotland – who used his image on their £50 note as far back as 1981. According to several sources, this makes Adam Smith the first Scotsman to have ever appeared on an English Banknote.

The £50 Note:

Two versions of the £50 note are currently in circulation from the Bank of England, the first of which features Sir John Houblon (1632-1712) – the first governor of the Bank. First issued in 1994, the soon to be defunct note was issued to coincide with the Bank of England’s 300th anniversary.

The new £50 note however is a double-feature, with the faces of Matthew Boulton (1728-1809) and James Watt (1736-1819) both appearing. Considered as having made a significant contribution to the industrial revolution, Boulton & Watt led the way in steam engine manufacturing.

The Famous 15 | Pub Quiz Knowledge

Since 1970 the following have appeared on notes issued by the Bank of England…

Isaac Newton, Duke of Wellington, George Stephenson, Elizabeth Fry, Florence Nightingale, Charles Dickens , Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare, Michael Faraday, Sir Edward Elgar, Adam Smith, Sir Christopher Wren , Sir John Houblon, Matthew Boulton and James Watt.

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