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“Fantastic” new Office for British Heart Foundation

“Fantastic” new Office for British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation have posted a review about their office in Mansfield via the website, commenting that the space is “fantastic”.

Located in an attractive wooded area on the eastern edge of Mansfield, the property offers serviced office space and is home to the British Heart Foundation’s North Region headquarters, which covers fundraising, event management and press activity for a number of regions including parts of the Midlands, the North West, North East, Yorkshire and the Isle of Man.

Founded in 1961, the British Heart Foundation funds research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of heart and circulatory disease, as well as studying preventative methods and providing support for people suffering from heart problems.

Linda Smith from the British Heart Foundation North Region team posted a review about their office, commenting that the best thing is the “light and spacious” office, which offers “good access and excellent management”.

“The British Heart Foundation moved from one of the older buildings on the estate that we had grown out of into this purpose designed brand new office space which is fantastic,” she wrote in her review. “We have moved the office around several times as the space gives us the flexibility to re-organise the internal space as our business moves forward and dictates change.”

She added: “Overall working on Ransom Wood is great, it is picturesque, has a very nice restaurant and the Management Team are very responsive when needed.”

Find out more about this office online at Mansfield – Southwell Road West.

Visit the British Heart Foundation’s website online at for further details about the charity, including information on how to donate and take part in fundraising activities.

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