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Fail! The Cream of Business Blunders

Fail! The Cream of Business Blunders

We all make mistakes during our working life, some are quickly forgotten about, some become notorious and some may even end up with you being handed your P45. But as a company who work alongside 1000’s of other business around the world, we thought we would share a few of our favourites with you…


Using your work email address to message friends may not be encouraged ΓÇô but it does happen. But for one Buyer at a large car manufacture the cross over between work and social email proved to be a bad purchase.

With a weekend break in Rome edging closer, the excited employee found himself engaged in an email exchange with his friends. After realising that it was only 21 minutes until he was due to leave, the conversation began making reference to the song 21 Seconds to Go by So Solid Crew (not everyoneΓÇÖs taste I know) ΓÇô with various sections of the songΓÇÖs lyrics being bounced back and forth.

No problem you may think – well no… not until one member of the group opted to paste the songs complete lyrics into an email and send it. Now the thing about work email systems is that they often have lots of filters and alerts built into them… and the thing about the lyrics to this particular song is that they contain lots of the words these filters and alerts are designed to flag – which of course they promptly were.

The result? While his friends left on time for the airport, this poor innocent employee found himself pulled up in front of his boss to explain, left late, hit rush hour traffic and then arrived 20 minutes after the check-in gate had closed – missing his flight and leaving his guilty friend with a lot of apologising and an extra flight to pay for.


Staff outings can be great ΓÇô building moral, cementing relationships and improving the atmosphere around the workplace. But for one boss keen to hold tight the purse strings, his decision to sneak drinks into the venue and distribute them from beneath the table backfired.

ΓÇ£What are you on about son? We brought the drinks here.ΓÇ¥ replied the sneaky boss after being told by a member of staff that drinks purchased off-site were not allowed. ΓÇ£Really sirΓÇ¥ replied the barman ΓÇ£because we donΓÇÖt actually sell StellaΓÇ¥.

Bad luck on the drinks selection me thinks.


Always arrive in plenty of time for an interview ΓÇô its good advice. Not only does it set the right impression, but it can also help to focus your thoughts and get you ready for the task ahead. What is not advised, as one tardy individual from Birmingham found out, is to sleep through your alarm and then rush franticly to your interview ΓÇô getting increasingly irate with his fellow motorists and flipping the ΓÇ£birdieΓÇ¥ at an Audi driver one junction away from his destination.

The good news? He arrived with 10 minutes to spare.

The Bad? He was being interviewed by the driver of the Audi.


Have you or someone you know experienced a business blunder? If so why not share your (or their) special moment by adding your story below?

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