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Exploring Exports? How Serviced Offices Can Help

Exploring Exports? How Serviced Offices Can Help

ΓÇ£ThereΓÇÖs never been a better time to trade internationally.ΓÇ¥ ThatΓÇÖs according to the governmentΓÇÖs UK Trade & Investment department, who say that exporting is the essential ingredient for business growth and boosting profits.

For businesses looking to gain a foothold in an export market, the flexibility of serviced offices provides a relatively low-risk way to establish an office overseas.

Keep overheads down with low cost offices

One of the biggest issues for businesses looking to export is the cost of establishing a presence in the overseas market. Serviced office space helps to keep overheads down by allowing businesses to rent only the space they actually need to get started, whether thatΓÇÖs a one-person office or space for a team of a dozen or more.

Most business centres will also provide them with access to additional shared space like a business lounge and a manned reception. Usually, meeting rooms are also available to hire on a day or half-day rate ΓÇô meaning that businesses only pay when they need to use it.

Plan for expansion with flexible licences

For businesses starting out in the export market for the first time, there are enough complications and risks without the responsibility of taking on a ten-year lease for office space.

Most serviced offices are available on short, flexible licences which require a commitment of just a few months. As well as minimising the risk if initial growth is slower than expected, it also means that if their export business takes off and they need to expand to larger offices, they can do so at just a few monthsΓÇÖ notice.

Freedom to relocate

Setting up offices overseas is all about choosing the right location. And while businesses do their best to identify the ideal location before they move in, they usually have limited time and resources to scope out the options. ItΓÇÖs only once they have settled into their new offices that they can really begin to understand whether the location works for them.

If it turns out another district or even city might work better, the short -term licence agreements for serviced offices allow them to relocate at short notice and at minimal cost ΓÇô certainly without the hassle of trying to renegotiate a ten-year lease or find other tenants to sub-let the space.

Creating a professional first impression

Affordable it might be, but serviced offices still give businesses everything they need to create a professional first impression ΓÇô crucial when theyΓÇÖre looking to get an introduction to a new market.

In fact, with all their shared facilities, serviced offices may well allow many businesses to set up in a more impressive looking space or a better location than they would have been able to afford had they been looking at long-term leasing.

That could well make a difference to that all-important first impression.

Are exports the way to boost UK business growth? Are serviced offices the solution for businesses looking to establish a presence overseas? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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