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Euro 2012 City Guide: The Real Warsaw and Kiev

Euro 2012 City Guide: The Real Warsaw and Kiev

Are you visiting a host city for the 2012 Euros? Or maybe you just take an interest in this yearΓÇÖs home of European football? Maybe youΓÇÖre even thinking of setting up there and taking advantage of emerging markets.

Whatever your interest, weΓÇÖve put together a quick profile of life and work in two of the biggest cities of Poland and the Ukraine but some of the lesser-understood powerhouses of the European economy: Warsaw and Kiev.

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is listed on the MasterCard Emerging Markets Index as one of the fastest growing commercial centres in Europe.

A major hub of media and tech business for Poland and many surrounding countries, Warsaw is shaking off any lingering obscurity and becoming a serious contender in the world market.

Some of the biggest foreign investors in Warsaw are reportedly Metro AG, Coca Cola Amatil and Daewoo. (View these offices in Warsaw, Poland.)

ΓÇó Population: Over 2.6 million.

ΓÇó June Weather: Fairly grey but a bit warmer than the UK.

ΓÇó Famous For: Being the ΓÇÿphoenixΓÇÖ of Europe and rebuilding after every war.

ΓÇó Great Views: From the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science.

ΓÇó Covered In: Stunning architecture in dozens of palaces and churches.

ΓÇó Random Fact: Historically, the city was known as Varsovia; to this day, all city residents are referred to as Varsovians.

ΓÇó Handy Pronunciations: ΓÇ£Tch-esh-chΓÇ¥ (ΓÇÿHelloΓÇÖ); ΓÇ£Jenkoo-yenΓÇ¥ (ΓÇÿThank youΓÇÖ); ΓÇ£Za-bwan-tzee-wehmΓÇ¥ (ΓÇÿIΓÇÖm lost!ΓÇÖ)

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is currently undergoing a major development plan, which has been implemented to attract billions of Euros worth of foreign investment.

Already some big names have established international headquarters in Kiev, including Deloitte, Cushman and Wakefield and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Kiev is also home to some of the tallest office buildings in Europe, making an icon of the city with a diverse and thriving business community. (View these offices in Kiev, Ukraine.)

ΓÇó Population: Nearly 2.8 million.

ΓÇó June Weather: Warmer and sunnier than the UK.

ΓÇó Famous For: Being one of the oldest known Eastern European cities.

ΓÇó Great Views: From rooftop bars and lounges.

ΓÇó Covered In: Chestnut trees, botanical gardens and parks.

ΓÇó Random Fact: The city, though still referred to as Kiev by many, is officially called ΓÇÿKyivΓÇÖ and must be referenced as such in all international government or UN documents.

ΓÇó Handy Pronunciations: ΓÇ£Pree-vitΓÇ¥ (ΓÇÿHelloΓÇÖ); ΓÇ£Dya-koo-yuΓÇ¥ (ΓÇÿThank youΓÇÖ); ΓÇ£Yah-za-hoo-beev-zyahΓÇ¥ (ΓÇÿIΓÇÖm lost!ΓÇÖ)

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