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England vs Germany Result Gives Jim Venables Deja Vu

England vs Germany Result Gives Jim Venables Deja Vu

England’s controversial exit from the World Cup at the hands of arch rival Germany yesterday has left’s MD Jim Venables with a sense of d├⌐j├á vu.

Just the weekend before, Jim – who founded back in 2001 alongside business partner Andy Haywood – was playing football against a German team who had made the trip over to England as part of a friendly exchange that has lasted 11 years.

The exchange, which was set up by Jim and a group of English and German friends back in 1999, is a chance for the group to get together, visit each other’s respective countries and have a good kick-about.

However, unfortunately for Jim and his fellow English teammates, last week’s result saw the home side beaten 2-0 at the hands of their German opponents.

Below – Jim’s expression says it all…

Although the local side had 28 players to choose from, they still failed to out-play Germany’s team of 13 or even get the ball past the visitors’ impressive goalkeeper.

The disappointment then resurfaced a week later – yesterday – as the national team were brutally and efficiently dumped out of the World Cup by Germany, albeit with a somewhat more embarrassing score line than that suffered by Jim’s team.

Even so, Jim and the local team will be keen to get their revenge next year when they make the trip over to Germany, and are already holding team talks to discuss their strategy.

Let’s hope the national team will be doing the same!

Click here to see the England vs Germany team picture (Jim is on the first row, 3rd from the left)

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