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England Manager Vs Serviced Office

England Manager Vs Serviced Office

Choosing the right manager for England is a lot like choosing the right serviced office ΓÇô you must explore your options, assess the pros and cons of each candidate and ultimately decide which of the choices will provide the best fit both structurally and culturally.

Ok ΓÇô so this is certainly a tongue-in-cheek connection – but whoever the FA elects to be the next England manager (assuming they actually want the thorny crown) will have a host of expectations, hopes and concerns placed upon their shoulders ΓÇô mirroring the factors that a decision maker also faces when selecting the right location from which to operate their business.

What matters in both cases is that you balance the options, digest the advice on offer and ultimately select the solution which you believe will deliver the best results in term of meeting the aims and objectives of the organisation concerned.

While the FA ΓÇ£knowΓÇ¥ football, it will not always be the case that such a detailed knowledge of the existing options will be available ΓÇô perhaps one reason why many firms seek out expect advice or guidance when moving toward important decisions.

Here at, the UKΓÇÖs leading independent broker to the serviced office market, we understand this better than most ΓÇô after all we guide 1,000ΓÇÖs of businesses through the process of searching, selecting and securing office space each year.

So while FA Chairman David Bernstein may not be ringing us for advice on the merits of Harry Redknapp or Jose Mourinho as the future of English football ΓÇô we would be a great contact if any of the parties involved were in need of an office from which to plan their tactics for Euro 2012.

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