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Emails From Work That Spell Trouble

Emails From Work That Spell Trouble

Some may talk about a colleague behind there back and then mistakenly send the message to the very person named – by accident.

Others hit the “reply all” button on a confidential memo.

The slip-ups can cause offence, embarrassment or annoyance – and even get the sender fired. With some two million emails sent worldwide every second, experts say it is no wonder most people forget their internet etiquette.

A survey by online property firm revealed some of the most cringe worthy emails.

One manager accidentally sent details of all his workers’ salaries on a company group email. Realising his error, he set off a fire alarm to clear the office, before going round and deleting the email from every inbox.

One woman police officer wanted to know who had stolen her yoghurt from the fridge but sent her complaining email to the whole West Midlands force.

She received hundreds of sarcastic replies including: Do you need CID, have you sealed off the area and has the dog unit been called?

Tips for safer emailing include: Slow down, cool off, before hitting Send. Think hard whether you want to reply just to the sender, or to “all”.

And don’t use business email for personal correspondence. The employer can monitor it.

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Author: | July 25, 2007 | 0 Comments

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