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Edinburgh Offices Quarantined for Explosion

Edinburgh Offices Quarantined for Explosion

Serviced offices in Edinburgh were quarantined this morning as a World War II hand grenade was found in a nearby garden.

The grenade, unearthed yesterday during construction work, was removed by a controlled basement explosion on Melville Street in Edinburgh at 10.30am.

Staff and clients at the business centre, 23 Melville Street, were asked to remain in their offices and keep the windows open. They reported that the furniture shook as the grenade went off two buildings away.

Police cordoned off part of the street with dozens of emergency vehicles prior to the explosion in order to protect public safety, although a spokesperson confirmed that the situation posed no immediate threat.

Brian Cormack, MD of 23 Melville Street, was there for the event:

ΓÇ£We were told to prepare ourselves for a controlled explosion between 10.30 and 11.00am but it still took us by surprise. It was incredibly loud and the whole building shook.

ΓÇ£It was certainly a very exciting start to a Friday morning.ΓÇ¥

According to bomb disposal experts, it is likely that the grenade ΓÇô which was found along with several bullets and fired shells ΓÇô was part of untold amounts of leftover ammunition from World War II stashed by Home Guard troops in their gardens.

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