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Economic recovery to boost business for buildings offering service office space?

Economic recovery to boost business for buildings offering service office space?

It was confirmed yesterday (26.01.10) that the UK economy had finally exited itΓÇÖs six-quarter long recession , albeit with a rather frail 0.1% growth. But growth is growth and with the service sector being highlighted as one of the areas creating this growth, what could it mean, assuming the growth continues, for serviced office space and the serviced office space industry?

Serviced office space is by its very nature a recession and budget friendly option for businesses. The ΓÇ£One billΓÇ¥ approach and flexibility offered by serviced offices has helped to turn the serviced office industry into a melting-pot of new-start businesses and SMEΓÇÖs ΓÇô both of which are regularly heralded as the driving force for future innovation and the business giants of tomorrow.

So with the economy having taken the first step along the road to recovery, will the serviced office space industry benefit? Well if stability returns and confidence levels continue to rise as a result, it is feasible that a new wave of new-start businesses and SMEΓÇÖs will emerge. If this does happen then the growing serviced office space industry would be perfectly positioned to accommodate it.

In 2009, who work alongside 99% of serviced office providerΓÇÖs worldwide, added 725 serviced office buildings to its portfolio in the UK ΓÇô demonstrating the growing levels of choice that serviced offices in the UK will be able to offer businesses. The rise of new properties offering serviced offices means more businesses will be exposed to their benefits, raising education levels and ultimately creating the opportunity for the serviced office industry to attract more and more business ΓÇô assuming their experience of serviced office space remains positive.

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