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Eco Buttons Supplied to Clients by Green Thinking Property Firm

Eco Buttons Supplied to Clients by Green Thinking Property Firm

Property firm Willmott Dixon is supplying clients with an ‘eco button’ – a device that is plugged into computers to help reduce users’ energy consumption.

Users click the eco button when the computer is not in active use to reduce the energy consumption. When the computer becomes active again, a dialogue screen shows how much money and carbon has been saved.

The Birmingham based company have already issued 1,300 eco buttons and are planning to purchase a further 2,500 for its staff to help them reduce their energy usage.

The eco button device is supplied by Greenfield Print and Promotion. Managing Director Simon Greenfield said:

“To be effective it requires a change of behaviour by all computer users. Most of us are quite lazy in our habits and we leave our PCs switched on for very long periods. Because they go into stand-by mode, we think that power usage has ceased. As we all know, this is not the case.”

Commenting on the effectiveness of the button, Managing Director for Willmott Dixon in the Midlands Peter Owen said:

“If every PC user clicks the ecobutton when they are on the phone or away from their desk, the cost savings and reductions in carbon usage could be massive.”

As reported by TheBusinessDesk, he said that if fully utilised, the buttons could save them and their clients nearly £100,000 a year and reduce UK carbon usage by nearly 4,000 tonnes per annum.

“We felt that this was a great fit with our existing policies on the environment,” he added.

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