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Doomsday 2012: How to Turn Armageddon into Profit

Doomsday 2012: How to Turn Armageddon into Profit

The Apocalypse: the end of civilisation, or a handy way to turn a profit? ThatΓÇÖs right! Only suckers want to survive Armageddon ΓÇô real go-getters want to profit from it.

A recent survey tells us that 14% of people believe they will see Armageddon soon and 10% are sure the Mayan calendarΓÇÖs closing date on December 21st 2012 indicates the end of the world as we know it.

Among that total, 8% claim to be experiencing feelings of real ΓÇÿanxiety or fearΓÇÖ as a result, and historically where there has been fear, there has been a chance to turn a profit.

A Successful End-Time Business Model

The key to any quick and successful business model is to establish and expand upon a previously profitable idea. Therefore, we bring you the following case study.

Take Larry Hall, a man who has turned a current-and-still-growing profit of several million US dollars by offering the very rich a place to wait out the annihilation of the human race in style.

Deep below the Kansas prairielands, Larry is converting missile silos into bomb-proof, disease-proof, solar-flare-proof, economic-collapse-proof and presumably zombie-proof and rapture-proof bunkers that will finish the year as high quality condominiums.

So far, Hall and his family, along with 4 unnamed multimillionaires, have purchased condos in one near-completed silo deep underground in the atomic-safe shelter that lies 174 feet below the surface. A further two contracts are pending final agreement.

The silo features a school, a hospital, a cinema, a public library and a shared swimming pool. It also houses a top level security deck from which to scare off wandering survivors and otherwise sit back to watch the world burn.

Identify Your Target Audience

Sound like something you could build on? Then itΓÇÖs important to identify those who might be interested in paying you for the privilege of surviving the loss of civilisation and/or the planet.

Of 16,262 survey participants residing in 21 countries, 14% are fairly convinced the end of the world is nigh for some reason or another and 19% feel they could be convinced. 66% are sure thereΓÇÖs nothing to worry about and are sick of hearing about it, so stay well away from those.

Turkey and the United States are tied for those most alarmed, with 22% of both populations believing the end of human civilisation is generally at hand some point soon, followed by South Africa (21%), Argentina (19%), Mexico (19%) and Indonesia (19%).

On the other hand, just 6% of the population of France are concerned they wonΓÇÖt see Christmas this year, followed closely by the equally unconcerned Belgium (7%), United Kingdom (8%) and Sweden (11%) where the market might be tough to crack.

The biggest population of Mayan believers most desperate to get moving by December reside in China, where 20% of those surveyed are in agreement that itΓÇÖs all over for us in 2012.

But Will the World Actually End?

Your business model will count for little if the world fails to end and your customers start demanding their money back, as many a failed prophet would attest ΓÇô if they could be found.

ItΓÇÖs worth noting before you quit your day job that the Mayan calendar does not account for our Gregorian leap years, so itΓÇÖs actually August 2013 right now on Mayan time. In that case, if The Event occurred, it passed without notice several months ago.

Experts in Mayan chronology can also assure us that the last time the Mayan calendar ΓÇÿendedΓÇÖ was on September 18th 1618, which turned out to be a rather unremarkable Tuesday.

Are you planning to build a business on the end of the world? Does the idea of a high-class reality-proof bunker take your fancy? Tell us in the comments below.

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