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DonΓÇÖt Send: The Worst Office Emails

DonΓÇÖt Send: The Worst Office Emails

The perils of instant communication; email is something of a minefield in big business. HereΓÇÖs how some got it really, really wrong and ended up with hilarious results.

It takes a lot of hassle to check every single email before you send it. The content, the recipient, the attachments… Who has the time?

Well, judging by what happens when you cut corners, you might just want to find the time to avoid these embarrassing mistakes.

P.S I Love You

Financial services writer Rick Grant was working with his wife to secure new contracts. When she forwarded an email with details of a bank transfer service he was considering which Rick didn’t feel was right, he responded to his wife light-heartedly telling her that he wasn’t interested, ‘…but I still love you.’

Except he didnΓÇÖt respond to his wife, he responded to the deeply unimpressed VP of the bank that had provided the information on the services in the first place.

This is Between You, Me and Everybody

WhatΓÇÖs the fastest way onto the unemployment track? Sharing confidential company information with the entire staff is surely the right way to go. One member of HR once sent an email to every employee with an updated phone extension list.

Unhiding all the additional columns on the spreadsheet revealed each personΓÇÖs pay, bonus information and stock portfolio ΓÇô from senior management down.

First Class Customer Relations

ΓÇÿReply AllΓÇÖ: A handy function to speed up your daily communications? Or a button sent by the devil to get you fired? This cheeky little email option has led to many a mishap in the world of corporate communications.

From sending a customer an email suggesting they can be easily duped in buying something they donΓÇÖt need, to sharing the intimate details of a break up with the entire office and your client base, ΓÇÿReply AllΓÇÖ has a lot to answer for.

An Application to Remember

You donΓÇÖt even have to be employed to send professional emails that doom your career. This is the lesson learned by many a potential job applicant applying for work from very personal email addresses.

Among those winning email handles mentioned on the internet are beerlover, lazysod, sexyluva and partydude ΓÇô not necessarily your idea of the perfect professional taskforce.

Have you ever had a memorable email mishap? Share your experience in the comments!

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