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Dirty Desk Space Running up £3.4bn Bill

Dirty Desk Space Running up £3.4bn Bill

Office supplies firm Viking have revealed that UK businesses could lose over £3bn in the coming months as a result of winter illnesses such as the common cold and flu – with dirty desks and contagious keyboards playing a big part in polluting our office space.

Having taken 300 workspace swabs as part of the research, Viking found that bacteria and even mould were rife in the average workstation, with a long list of pathogens identified during the surgical sweep.

Amongst the bacteria found was Staphylococcus, which can cause food poisoning, highlighting the fact that the risk to office workers could result in more than a sniffle as Lisa Ackerly, VikingΓÇÖs very own hygiene expert explained:

“This research has shown that there are some very unhygienic desks right now in the UK, which is very worrying those who work in open plan offices tend to starting coming down with illnesses this time of year. Keeping equipment such as keyboards, phones and desks as germ free as possible is even more important during the cold and flu season.”

Highlighted in the research was the fact that many office workers were unaware of the extent to which keyboards, phones and computer screens can provide a healthy environment for such bacteria to flourish.

The research also found that IT workers were the worst offenders, having cultivated the most vibrant keyboard environments while Lawyers and Accountants following closely in their footsteps.

Do you have a strong opinion on desk space etiquette? Do you sit next to a messy colleague who covers their desks in a confetti of stale sandwiches and crumbs? If so let us know by posting your comment below!

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