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Desk is Clue to Working Psyche

Desk is Clue to Working Psyche

“Walk into any company and the chances are you will find people whose desks are all very
differently organised,” said Andy Haywood, joint managing director of

Business psychologist Louise Weston said: “You can certainly gain some insight into an individual’s personality and what motivates them by looking at how they organise their desk.

“In fact, it can even give managers a quick snapshot into how to best motivate members of their team.”

Andy Haywood added: “Everyone’s desk is different and we can all find out more about what makes our colleagues tick by taking a look at their desks.

“It’s fun and fascinating, but actually quite a serious way for employers to determine how to improve performance or productivity. They realise that there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘badΓÇÖ desk – each individual performs best when┬áthey are allowed to express themselves and their personality in the work place and their desk is often one very easy way to do this.”

  • A person who displays targets or project charts is often highly motivated by achievement and by setting goals for themselves.
  • Those with pictures of family or friends on their desk and an array of personal paraphernalia, tend to be more people-focussed and are motivated by their relationships both inside and outside of the work place.
  • People with ‘stylish’ desks, tend to be motivated by culture and the environment in which they work.
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Author: | August 13, 2008 | 0 Comments

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