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ΓÇ£DesirableΓÇ¥ Office Space in Bristol Comes to Market

ΓÇ£DesirableΓÇ¥ Office Space in Bristol Comes to Market

30,000 sq. ft. of office space has come to market in Bristol, with commercial property agents Savills and CBRE appointed as joint agents to the refurbished office space currently available at the Whitefriars building.

With the likes of the NHS, Yell and insurers Zurich already occupying office space at the 11-Storey building, the appeal of these well located city centre offices would appear to be solid in the eyes of major occupiers.

Speaking to Insider News, Savills Director Chris Meredith ΓÇô who shares his name with our very own Head of UK Sales – expanded on both the quality and appeal of the Whitefriars office space:

ΓÇ£This is a well-known building in Bristol within the cityΓÇÖs thriving leisure and retail district. Its location, excellent facilities and quality of accommodation makes Whitefriars one of the most desirable office buildings in the city.ΓÇ¥

Indeed it would appear that it is not only the Whitefriars office space which is proving desirable – with data from the CityΓÇÖs serviced office space market ΓÇô which consists of 50* office locations ΓÇô showing a significant increase in the amount of office space required by newly signed serviced office tenants (SOTs).

According to, the UKΓÇÖs largest independent broker to the serviced office industry, the amount of office space required by serviced office based businesses increased by 53% in 2010 – rising from an average of 4.7 workstations in 2009 to 7.2 workstations at the close of 2010 and suggesting that perhaps businesses confidence has begun to strengthen across Bristol.

This increase in office space requirements would however appear to be Bristol-centric, with the remainder of the South West recording an average workstation requirement of 4.1 ΓÇô a regional average which has remained unchanged and equal to the figure recorded during 2009.

* The number of individual serviced office locations registered with as of 18.01.11.

All market data quoted is sourced directly from

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