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Derbyshire Office Space ΓÇô Bargain of the East Midlands

Derbyshire Office Space ΓÇô Bargain of the East Midlands

Businesses searching for flexible office space in the East Midlands in April would have found the 18 business centres operating within Derbyshire to offer the lowest workstation prices of any area of the East Midlands.

According to the prices recorded by internet broker, businesses entering serviced offices in the Derby area could expect to pay an average of just ┬ú127.00 per workstation – ┬ú65.00 per workstation less than those businesses entering office space in the Northampton Area who were encountering prices averaging ┬ú192.00 per workstation.

While much closer in price, businesses in neighbouring Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire were paying an average of £132.00 and £167.00 per workstation respectively – highlighting the cheap office space on offer in the Derby area during April 2010.

The low costs recorded in Derbyshire are however a rarity, with average prices reaching £188.00 overall since the beginning of 2010. Nor are the business centres operating in the Derby area traditionally found amongst the regions cheapest, having shown themselves to offer workstation rates 11% higher than those of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire between Jan – Mar 2010.

It is unclear at present as to why this price decrease in Derbyshire office space occurred, with workstation take-up and placements remaining inline with those of previous months. Taking this into account the principle reason is likely to be the type of space being taken during April ΓÇô with placements into lower specification office space keeping prices resulting in lower overall prices being recorded.

Given that workstation prices throughout Derbyshire remained above those of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire during the course of 2009, it should be expected that prices will once again rise of we enter Q2 2010.

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