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Day 21: “It’s epic”

Day 21: “It’s epic”

21 days into the team’s moustache-growing efforts for Movember, and there are nothing short of some seriously impressive hedge-like growths on the upper lips of our ‘Mo-nificent Seven’.

Once bristle-free and clean-shaven (ish), our seven-strong ‘OB Tache Taskforce’ team now resemble an odd mix of lumberjacks, truckers and 1970s TV detectives. So impressive are their whiskers that some of them seem to be getting quite attached to their marvellous moustaches, and come the end of the month it could be an emotional process when they pick up their neglected razors once again.

Marketing Manager Simon Jones has been spotted stroking his moustache – known as ‘The Trucker’ – on quite a few occasions, and when asked what he thought of it, he said:

“I’ve been using the term ‘bushel’, but now I’m tempted to go with epic.”

Simon is growing his moustache as part of the annual ‘Movember’ fundraiser, which encourages men of the world to grow moustaches for sponsorship on behalf of men’s health, in particular to help fund research into prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives.

Along with Simon, Team Captain of the OB Tache Taskforce, are: Alec Ryan, Gareth Smith, Stephen Preston, Craig Stewart, Chris Mapp and Gerard Richards.

Follow their progress in our Movember photo diary

To support the Movember team, you can donate online quickly and easily by following this link:

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