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Day 16: Handlebars, Box Cars & A Business Man

Day 16: Handlebars, Box Cars & A Business Man

We’re now 16 days into Movember and it’s fair to say that the seven-strong ‘OB Tache Taskforce‘ team are doing a sterling job.

Tasked with growing a moustache that would encourage even the most tight-fisted to dig deep for a worthwhile cause, the OB Mo-nificent Seven are cultivating a healthy array of marvellous moustaches that would send any lumberjack scuttling back into the forest in fear.

Early facial fuzz has now given way to a series of well-adorned, hedge-like upper lips. And according to the official Movember style guide, there are quite a few different styles to choose from.

It could all change over the coming weeks, but currently there are no less than four different brands on show at

  • The Business Man: Alec Ryan
  • The Box Car: Craig Stewart, Gareth Smith, Stephen Preston
  • The Undercover Brother: Gerard Richards
  • The Trucker: Chris Mapp, Simon Jones

See the OB photo update here

As mature, sincere and, erm… handsome as it makes them look, these seven brave souls aren’t just growing whiskers for vanity. In fact, they are literally doing it for the good of their health.

The Movember movement is all about raising money to support vital research into men’s health issues, most notably prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives. So please show your support for the ‘OB Tache Taskforce’ by donating to a good cause!

You can donate online quickly and easily by following this link:

Support The OB Tache Taskforce

Anything you can give is very gratefully received. And if you would like to lend a bit of support or share your own Movember experiences, please leave a comment below.

See the OB photo update here

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